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June 11 2015

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Two pics from dsanhentai - top is Megan & garstking‘s Juno, bot is kennoarkkan‘s Mugger, axette-robin‘s Bea, and Megan (with a tiny Victoria in the background.

Thanks Dsan!

June 10 2015


I will draw many things but I still have the right to decline if I do not approve of your ideas!! I also do not mind if you want to include my characters as well~

$15 Each character sketch ($5 flat colors or $10 shaded colors)

$25 Each inked character ($10 flat color OR $20 fully colored)

PM me here or e-mail me at saffyre5@hotmail.com!!

NOTE: It will be an extra $10 to make a commission private.


1. Two-ts -paid-

2. JassBefrold -paid-





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Vote for me here! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458837795

It’s finished! My entry for the Chivalry Fan Art contest. It was fun sharing the steps with you all!

Give this man some upvotes!!!

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warmups for two-ts

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Commission!! Fullview

June 09 2015

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multi strem with StylusKnight~

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I’m ready to open 5 more slots! The samples provided above are from the previous set of commissions, and it’s the kind of quality that should be expected.


After I settle some things around here I’ll see if I can open slots for the other kind of commissions (painted stuff and such) and evaluate the option of offering something cheaper but still make something I’d feel comfortable selling.

  • Price is $60 for a single character, and additional characters will increase the price depending on posing, so let me know beforehand what you have in mind for the drawing to give an estimate of pricing
  • Payment upfront! No exceptions!
  • On the email include the request, and if you have any, a blog or site for me to link after I get around to posting the drawing!
  • Don’t send emails asking if there are slots left please! Just send the request and I’ll let you know if they are full or not.
  • I don’t draw porn
  • I don’t have a waiting list! The ones that contacted me before take priority, but only if you contact me soon enough! It keeps getting harder to keep track of everyone that asks me to save them a spot ; w;
  • I can provide a psd of the drawing if needed, but you’ll have to ask for it, otherwise I’ll just send a jpg of the pic (A4, 300dpi)
  • And last, check my tumblr blog to check if there are slots or not! Even if I close slots though, if the commission is easy or interesting enough then I’ll make it, but for that refer to the third and fourth item ‘w’

To contact me you can do it at my deviantart or via mail at koidrake @ hotmail.com (THIS ISN’T MY PAYPAL). Be aware that I’m not taking commissions via tumblr, but you can ask stuff in here if you wanna.

Once I receive the idea and confirm that I have slots open, I’ll give you my paypal account to make the transaction. The payment should also be sent as service (don’t really have other choice, but even then, I don’t care as much), and also there’s no need to cover the expenses from paypal for the transaction (I thought I shouldn’t mention that but I got a few that, while I whole-heartily appreciate it, sent enough to cover that small percent, and it’s not required in the slightest!)

Thanks very much to all my followers and thanks in advance for the attention and to anyone that helps to share this post around too! Love y’all \ ‘w’ /

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Commission for Thatdudejoey~

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Commission for Thatdudejoey~

June 08 2015

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June 07 2015

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All I did was change my channel name (from NanoDarkk to GarstKing) now I get an error. It was working fine yesterday uuugh. How I fix??

OK I haven’t changed anything in the settings but now the stream shows up. The chat however, will not work. No users show up and I can’t see what anyone is saying.

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All I did was change my channel name (from NanoDarkk to GarstKing) now I get an error. It was working fine yesterday uuugh. How I fix??

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An Orc selfie - commission

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June 06 2015

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cheerful goblin

this is no goblin its garstking irl


June 05 2015

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A character I recently bought from Garstking! I wanted to make a cow girl for some time now, so when I saw his design, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity and support my pal.

I already have some ideas for her :3c 

buys my adoptable and treats her very nicely. WHAT A GUY

June 03 2015

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Hello Everyone,

I need to ask a huge favor of the transformers community. This is David Sloan, a transformers lover of over 20 years. A wonderful man who became a very good friend of mine. Unfortunately he passed away On Sunday, May 31st from heart failure. He overexerted himself moving into a new apartment with his boyfriend. Which leads to what I need to ask of you.

What I am asking any generous people is to please donate to the David Sloan Memorial Fund on gofundme.com so his mother and his family can have his body brought to them and they could have a proper service. Any donation even just $1 would help. If you do donate, leave a little message of “TILL ALL ARE ONE!” so we can see your support! Thank you for your time.

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